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ah!!! this is super duper cool :))))

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SPOILERS: endings!! Read at your own risk!! 

Hmmm I wonder how to get the true ending.. so far I got the human robot that attacked me and the one that wiped their true functions 

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SPOILERS: Endings!! REad at your own risk!! 


That was..... 

I came here from Trigaea, and uhm... I am NOT dissappointed!! At all ^^ 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's kind of a small thing from a game jam, not anywhere near the scale of Trigaea. :)

Could I trouble you to put the first post behind some spoiler tags re: possible endings? Just want to keep it as interesting as possible for new players.


Of course, I'll edit all the posts! So sorry, I tried to kept it as vague as possible, but I'll definitely edit it!  Oh, and I'm definitely following you :) 


Ooookay appearantly I did NOT keep the first post vague. So sorry! I put a warning on it!! 


The game is very well built and thought out, but... It only took me like 5 minutes with an auto clicker to get all the money I need to complete the story. I look forward to seeing the second option below talk and possibly more story. I really loved the twist ending and it took me by surprise. I loved seeing all the different ways to interact with Ciel. At first I thought I was doing everything wrong but I kept trying and got all of the endings leading up to the true ending. I hope to possibly see a different true ending but I know how time consuming making these games are so I won't be too pushy about it. All in all a very good game definitely going in my top 5 favorite games. 

4 out of 5 stars for sure


Pretty nice game.


Finally, Balance


Hey, I was revisiting some of the old games i've played and found this. anyway i was just wondering if the game was still being refined or if that was canceled. just being curious, of course, as i have no idea when the refinement began or anything like that.

Hi, sorry for the delayed response! I actually took it down to edit it, but I've been caught up with other things, so that didn't end up happening. I've re-uploaded the last version for now.


Thank you so much! the delayed response is perfectly fine, I'm just glad that I can play the game I enjoyed so much again. thank you again for putting it back up, and have a good day and good luck on your other projects!


Possible Spoiler Alert

Alright, that twist was good. The nuance brought in by the words "think like" is what did it.  Being cryptic for spoiler's sake.


Thanks so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the twist! First twist-y thing I've written, so I wasn't sure it would land right. :)