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I came here looking for silver... AND I FOUND PLATINUM!

The game is very well made, the story is well written and there is an actual gameplay loop rather than just story.

The game is literally free and you can play the whole thing on the browser! Give it a try! At worst all you will lost is some time and at best... you will witness a beautiful story.

I got the 7th ending, the imperium of man WILL NOT bow down to no one!

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This is honestly a life-changing experience. I just played this 10 hours straight, from 2:30am to 12:30pm. I feel like a new person. 

Possible spoilers: 

My first main ending was technically ending 1, but I was just messing around to see how badly it would end by not making any decisions. My "real" ending was 11-3. The conversation with Esra was so well written, perfect- the reveal absolutely broke me. I mostly consider ending 12 to be the true ending despite how unrealistic it was (because it's the happiest ending we have... and because Esra and I can both live together lmao) but ending 11-3/2 will forever have my heart. 

I can't believe this is free, but I also can't believe this even exists. Paid or free, I've never seen such a beautiful game. There's so much more I want to say, so much to gush over, but frankly, my brain is fried from lack of sleep and the marvel Trigaea is. There's so much detail and love put into this. Every character felt so real. The last 10 hours of my life were spent in a different world. Thank you so much for this experience, I'll be thinking about this story for a long, long time. 


This game made me abandon the usual completionist mindset because I like one of the endings too much. I don't want to see the alternatives. (yes I'm talking about the last one, BIG SAD but so beautiful ;-;)


What can I even say? I never imagined something like this could be played for free. 

I almost cried with the ending. And I still can't decide which of the two endings I got I want to be canon.


Also, I just need to get this out of my system. Please report it if you consider it spoiler.







That part where the main character is happy, and then you try to read the books. My heart was beating like crazy. It felt so disturbing. Awesome writing, sound effects and art to make the sensations even stronger. It even left me a bit paranoic, haha.


I absolutely love this game! I was just wondering, is there a possibility of romancing any of the npcs?


almost two weeks ago, my wife came home from work to find me crying in front of the pc because of this game. obviously she had to check it out for herself. then i posted the link in a discord server i hang out in and dragged a handful of people down the rabbit hole with me

i have all the trophies now but i'll probably still be thinking about trigaea for a long, long time.

this was an incredible experience—slightly marred by characters occasionally switching pronouns (and names, on a couple occasions), but according to another comment there will be a future update intended to address that? which is great to hear

thank you for this.


Definitely one of the best sci-fi IF I've ever played. 

btw for those who want to play this on android I would suggest using joi play. I played through the whole game with it, and the only issue I've run into is the "current form:" on the top right being cropped out, but you can always check the progenitor for that info. Or switch the screen to horizontal mode.


Wow, this has such a good story. I'm not yet complete with my first run, but wow. I'm really hoping the ending I get won't be sad. I understand how often people like me look at the comments and kind of just dismiss them, but I'm so glad I didn't for this one.


I'm now nearing the end of this, I don't think I've ever felt this conflicted. I've refused the first two options, but I don't know if I should refuse the final.


If you are interested in visual novels...

If you are fond of sci-fis,especially the ones where the characters travel through the universe and explore other planets,or enhance their power by applying genes and prostheses to themselves...

If you like long,epic stories showing the author's mastery of skills, at the same time offering you abundant possibilities to explore...

If you admire a badass(but likable) main character...(of course you have other options)

If you don't want to be  troubled by genders and sexual orientations while reading plots about love...

If you are a crazy doppleganger lover like me...



1.The whole story is epic.Long enough to absorb you into the texts,vivid enough to let you feel that all the character  are alive in reality.As for the texts about combats,you would feel like thrown onto the battleground,watching.

2.The data like HP and damage is well-balanced.You can enjoy the game all the way without worrying about losing interest or being beaten hands down(which often means you have to do repetitive work to enhance the character).

3.There are few chances when you have to "go outside the story"to do something.For example,the action to decide how the main character looks like is also part of the story(you look into a mirror and you see yourself).So do the choice of mc's sexual orientation,etc.


1.The CGs seem like AI generated.I think they are acceptable enough but if you examine them thoroughly you will find them unreasonable,at least some of them.(If they are actually not......Please just ignore my words)

2.There are still some flaws in the plot,especially where can be altered according to your mc's attributes and combat actions.For example,sometimes characters would call the mc "him"  while you set mc as a female or an asexual.And alien bugs' nest will run away if you"scare it away".

3.If you'd like to collect all the trophies,you have to kill everyone in your way in a game.I'm crazy about collecting all but I hate that.Killing people I've vowed to proctect and AIs who means no harm to me is disgusting.

Though there are flaws,I can say it's one of the best visual novels I've enjoyed.

p.s.I'm not a native English speaker so please pardon me for any language mistake.I played the game 2 years ago and wrote the comment now,and I don't know if the game has been updated. 

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Thank you for the awesome review! And yeah, there's definitely some bugs with the pronoun usage I'm planning to address in a future update. This was an issue with me using find/replace waaaay back in the process at one point, so everyone's bug reports are helping me hone on these. 

All the art is sourced from artists who have graciously allowed me to use their works (often concept art, so a bit more smudged than fully finshed works) for Trigaea, sans one or two stock images I purchased. Those stock images look kind of crummy, so that might be it. Tbh, if I'd used AI art, I could have saved eight months of my life and hundreds of emails! 🫠 But I did most of Trigaea in 2019-2021 before AI art was really a Big Thing - I can't claim I was taking a stance or anything.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you again for sharing your experience!


I love this


I just finished my first playthrough of this story and oh my goodness I loved it! There were times I had to actually stop because I was getting overwhelmed (in a good way) by the amount of depth and weight to my choices. This was well written and very engaging, I can't wait to see what the other endings have to offer!

Good evening.

I'm a student of University of Amsterdam and currently I'm researching the ways to improve authoring experience of Interactive Digital Narrative creators.

One of the things I've noticed is that authoring tools in general don't have the functionality to support planning beforehand.

It seems you've got an extensive experience in non-linear writing (using Twine). I would like to interview you (or send you a survey/questionnaire) to understand your personal approach to creating stories and potentially see whether implementing a tool that supports planning can help you in your creative endeavours.

Do you think you'll have time to talk to me about this?

Thanks a lot for response.

Kind regards,


Sure thing, happy to do an interview or a survey, whichever works! Feel free to send through the details on

is it just the story, or is there a reason i designed a characeter?

Depends what part. If it's the gender and orientation, it affects things. If it's name, eye, and hair colour, that's just for immersion and flair.

yeah correctors can like alter their genes. that must be why you can change things like hair and eye color whenever you want

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im playing this for 2 hours already, and yet, i really like it. especially with turned on Dark Gloomy Grim Lovecraft Ambient Mix (or something like this lol)  : D

1. thanks for the nb option. it might seem like a small thing, but it helps me to feel more immersion, finally (for bi option as well)

2. dices are cool, always like them in games

3. world!!! text + pictures + sounds = full world, if story is good

4. different ways to upgrade PC are cool too, both organic and mechanical. i didn't try all yet, maybe at another playthrough, but mannnnnnn, i like this all

5. achivements = free dophamine. youve caught me! 

I'm really enjoying the game so far, but I'm just having so many issues with the pronouns of the gender-variable characters changing between scenes. My guess would be that it's caused by playing as a bi character (specifically the masc voice AI, but also likes feminine option).


...i just finished my first playthrough (i got ending #12) and i just want to hug esra so badly, i dont care how. petition to let us hug esra!! our sweet companion 😢❤❤ this was such an amazing read that has left me reeling, thank you author (i would still like the choice to physically hug esra tho 😙) i cant wait to reread and complete the other endings! (and try to find if any of them lets me hug esra 😆)

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hi, i got downloadable version of this game. however, it doesn't play sounds anyway. even musics doesn't play. i even checked all volumes but no good. i tested it on iphone and android. what should i do? i... i downloaded the htmlhi... i downloaded

Hi, sorry to hear you're having trouble! Unfortunately, the game isn't designed for mobile devices. I would try unpacking the whole zip version to a location on a desktop or laptop computer (E.g. C:\Trigaea) then running the html file in the Chrome browser. Make sure you don't have any plugins that might be blocking it, and you're not running in incognoto mode. Alsp, I'd check the game settings to make sure sound is activated.


LOVE the story, but I'm a little bit confused on how the nanofiber skin updates work—I have the second upgrade but it doesn't seem to affect the amount of damage I'm taking at all. For example I started a round of combat with 101 health, an enemy attack dealt 7 damage, the text says my nanofiber skin absorbs 10—but I drop down to 94 health, taking 7 damage anyway. Am I misreading something, or just totally not understanding how the nanofiber skin works? 

Glad you're enjoing the story! The attack would normally deal 17 damage, but 10 is absorbed by the nanofiber, and the remaining 7 goes through. 


ohhh I see! that makes sense, thank you


Love this game! I don't have much else to say other then I love it. The story line is super rich and the way you progress through the story is super nice. If anyone who likes interactive fiction is thinking about playing this, trust me, you'll like it.


Also, I forgot to mention, you'll need a box of tissues. This game destroyed me, but in the best possible way.


Revisiting. The pain is not gone :/.

I so wish I could play this for the first time again.

I really want to play in but when I select the difficulty it freezes :(

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I'm sorry to hear that! Here are some things to check:

  • Try the downloaded version on a PC (mobile devices are not supported).
  • Try it with multiple browsers (Chrome is a good one to test by default) and see if you have any browser plugins that might be blocking it.
  • Make sure all the files are unzipped and in the same folder (You should have an index.html, a readme file, and two folders: "Assets" and "Fonts").

Thanks for the answer. I dowloaded it, all unzipped and in the same folder, all plugins off but still does not work, I have the same issue. I'm a Mac user,  maybe that's the problem? I'm trying to play on Safari too, gonna try Chrome I tell you if the problem insists in Chrome browser as well


It seems to work in Chrome!! Thanks for the advice


I like interactive fiction, but I also need to be hooked pretty fast or else I'll bounce off. This game starts strong with a solid hook and then thrusts you into a very engaging gameplay loop with some perfectly light RPG roguelike elements balanced out with story-heavy questlines.

For me, the standout was how the science fiction elements worked - there was a nice level of believability balanced out by some immediately enduring character writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this and came out of it properly inspired to attempt to write an interactive fiction game of my own, which is probably the highest compliment I can give it!


I'm sad I will never find a game like this 

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Overrall great game with a great concept and interesting mechanics. The story was pretty neat too and I appreciate the option to have a real happy ending despite the desperate situation in the game.

The only real 'bad point' is that the combat system is overly simple and the game in general has potential to be way bigger than it actually is. There was also a lot of potential to do a lot more with the mutations and upgrades, both in term of story and gameplay. The 'Outer Tribes' stuff kinda never explained or expended upon too beyond them being descendent from the colonies.

Also I know you probably moved on and won't answer but I have a minor question: Biofuel was presented like a clean renewable energy beyond anything before (Which is why Correctors are considered immortal since they'll never run out of it) so why is there so much talk in the game about running out of it even for the robots?

Anyway keep up the good work!


Biofuel needs to made from something, earth has lots of plants to go around and they regrow, making biofuel a renewable resource. On a barren planet which presumably had its biofuel imported from earth, biofuel stops being renewable, as there isnt really anything to make it from.

note, I have not even finished my first playthrough of the game so this may very well be inaccurate, but i hope it still helps :3

This, and also Earth's-based biofuel technology is incompatible with the plant material that does exist on Trigaea. This is caused by a base component which is symbiotically required for native life on Trigaea, but fatal to human life, and vice versa if you strip it out. It's sort of like an extreme version of how pure water can be toxic to humans.


I wrote a very long comment whilst reeling from 12-2 but I deleted it haha. This game was great, Ryn. The ending completely blindsided me emotionally haha.
This might sound weird, but I think the game's strength is the obvious love for your characters, and your voice as an author. Human and unstrained. I momentarily bristled at some of the larger plot choices and the scifi cliches, but I never felt let down for caring what a character had to say. 
The gameplay was fun enough, just simpler and more linear than I expected!
I'm so glad stuff like this still exists. It took me right back to stumbling onto weird interactive fiction online as a teen. Thank you for the experience!!

Some thoughts; as far as plot, the colonists' choice kind of bothered me! It seems such a damning choice to make as an author. Maybe people in a few centuries would be just as barbaric as us. But I don't know. It was the first time you gave me pause for trust as a reader.
There were lots of times I wished I could have talked it out or thought it out further. I think that's testament to how engrossed I got. From my perspective as the character, there had to be another option.
I think some stuff could've used more development - like the philosophies of each of the factions - but I can see how quickly that would make the scope of the game unmanageable lol. The bits of subtle worldbuilding about Earth society were really nice though.
And I was surprised to end up liking - no, loving - the romantic subplot. 
I felt Leon's part towards the end was a little underdeveloped, though.


This was an absolutely insane ride and I can see myself playing this over and over again,  the idea of ever getting a game with this level of scope in story but with a AAA budget is the day we win videogames and storytelling. If it wasn't obvious, I absolutely love this, at every turn I kept thinking, "Oh, it won't let me do this?" Only to be proven wrong and it give me the options I want, blew my mind. Please keep writing and developing games, the world is better for it.


Perfect game. Thx so much for the experience


Ending 12 made me sob 🥲


so...many...mixed...feelings :')..... Amazing plot, I'm obsessed, this game has helped me find out what existential dread feels like. I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. (idc if im 'over exaggerating' this is a masterpiece) my only complaint would be that in most of the endings you feel a bit like a villain but tbh it feels a bit more, 'realistic'(?) that way :)


Thank you very much for this game. As someone who's been fascinated with transhumanist themes and fiction for many years (as well as anything to do with radical body modding), I have found this to be a real gem. It will definitely live rent-free in my brain for a while.

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!!! SPOILER !!!

Sooooo... Who else headcanoned ending 11-1 Butterfly dream as being actually what happened? Just a simulation. REALLY just a simulation. Not fake one.

To cope with ALL that fucking mess and tragedies and for everoyne to get a happy ending??

Plus the "real world" strangely feels like simulation and it was already showed that it's possible to see simulation in memory you watch so... like it's not impossible.


this is so real



Exceptional game, truly a good experience, having just gotten my first ending i must say, while i think the game wants you to think that any of the endings are bad ones, i believe that the one i got, the Terra Zero Sum, was a good one, while it was quite the SPOILER

Genocide, what isn't, life is genocide in of itself, life and death are facets of the same thing, where there is an abundance of one there is an abundance of the other one, is world like this you must stick with your choices, which is why, while i fucking hate Leon for making a stupid fucking choise, i still respect him somewhat for sticking with it, in a foreign world you should stick with your own species, even more if the other side is a deadly if not more than you or even worst, a bunch of sanctmonius machines.



Wait, spoilers for if you haven't gotten some of the endings, like, all of them.

Can there be a happy ending? Like, maybe a second game ending perhaps? Where the second game takes place after Ending 12, where you choose to leave the simulation using Ash's Progenitor, but, because your in a completely new place, you are reset to being completely normal, without anything, not even the Gun-blade, so you have to forge for new everything, basically starting at square 1 again, but with all the knowledge from the first game, also being able to transfer data from the first game over. There's a lot you can do. But it would still be your game, so you decide.



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I must say that the storyline of this game is almost a masterpiece. However, if I had to offer one criticism (not including the intense emotions the game invokes, such as pain, suffering, sorrow, powerlessness, despair etc., and whatever you do or choose, you feel like bad guy, as it seems to be one of the main intentions of the game) it would pertain to the endings. I am not sure. They felt too rushed, or too short? To illustrate my point, I will provide an example below, so be warned, SPOILERS ahead:

The first ending I got was 5. After the release of the virus, the game was a bit too quick to skip "a few centuries later". I'm not saying it shouldn't, as it's very nice to see the long-term results of our decisions, but it would be better to give us more information about the immediate consequences and events as well. For instance, what was the initial reaction to the virus from both the aliens and humans? How did things develop after that? What about Leon? What happened to him, did he come to terms with your decision and decide to help you out? How was the human colony destroyed in the process (I know it was due to lack of power and starvation, but you could have gone a bit more into detail)? The MC should feel the pressure of his decisions and the weight on his conscience about how he let all those colonists, including the sweet girl and her mother, slowly starve to death. I mean, the game didn't hold back on inflicting pain, suffering, and sorrow until the endings, but at the moment the player should have been hit hardest, those parts were completely skipped (though this doesn't mean you should only explain these negative parts, but positive things seems to be somewhat covered in "a few centuries later" parts), and endings felt weak compared to the rest of the game, as a result. However, these weren't much of a problem with endings like 11 and 12, where you "die", thus you cannot learn about these things.


ough this was a good game. i got ending four and MY POOR HEART. the moral ambiguity oughhhhhhhhh.


this game kept me up all night, didn't expect to get so enticed by a  game i found just scrolling itchio

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This game is great. Near perfection.

Btw I got the ending 7 and have no regrets, I get my perfect ending 😃 

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Simply perfect  (⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠)

But, could someone, maybe the author, create a playlist with all the music in this game? They are really good 👍

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hello hello i made an account just to post this comment (hope that is a testament to how amazing this story is) THIS IS SO HEART-WRENCHING AND I WASN'T EXPECTING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH A GAME TODAY

The whole premise is just done so beautifully that replaying it somehow hurts even more than the first playthrough -- though nothing can truly beat my first experience with the 'true ending' (it took a couple head scratches to figure it out, but that's just because I'm not as quite as intelligent as our 170+ IQ MC)

Even though I am more than a year late to the conclusion of this project, goodness I wish I could shower this game (and our collectively traumatised MC and Esra) in more love!! I'll definitely be feeling empty for a while after this...

Eternally (okay, strong wording considering the themes of eternity in this game) grateful to the wonderful RynGM for making this game and touching the hearts of everyone who had the honour of playing Trigaea <3

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