🏆 Winner of IFBD's Trailblazer Award of 2022 - Player's Choice 🏆

Could you survive an alien world? Change your genetics and wander the wasteland for answers, all the while aided by your AI companion.

Trigaea is an epic 272,000-word piece of interactive fiction. It's a combination of a sci-fi novel and an RPG adventure game, where you are in control of the story. 

Game Highlights:

  • Augment yourself with animal, robot or alien parts.
  • Decide the fate of a planet. Deal with interesting moral dilemmas!
  • Fifteen different endings to unlock. Over 12 hours of gameplay.
  • Deal with enemies by talking, subduing, scaring, or fighting them.
  • Scrounge for microchips to unlock your memories and discover your past.
  • Play as male/female/non-binary or straight/bi/gay/ace.
  • Stunning alien landscapes from a range of professional sci-fi artists.

Content Warnings: Mild violence, depictions of death. Rated 13+

NOTE: You can play Trigaea in your browser or by downloading it. The latter is recommended for smoothest gameplay.

📖 NEW: Want to check out a new sci-fi novel? 📖

I'm after beta-readers for my book, "Ariadne Rewired", set in the same universe as Trigaea. I'd love for you to be one of them! Learn more in my announcement post.


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Version 1.2.5 Oct 01, 2022

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You did me dirty dear author you did Ash dirty. You breaketh my heart for shame

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Overrall great game with a great concept and interesting mechanics. The story was pretty neat too and I appreciate the option to have a real happy ending despite the desperate situation in the game.

The only real 'bad point' is that the combat system is overly simple and the game in general has potential to be way bigger than it actually is. There was also a lot of potential to do a lot more with the mutations and upgrades, both in term of story and gameplay. The 'Outer Tribes' stuff kinda never explained or expended upon too beyond them being descendent from the colonies.

Also I know you probably moved on and won't answer but I have a minor question: Biofuel was presented like a clean renewable energy beyond anything before (Which is why Correctors are considered immortal since they'll never run out of it) so why is there so much talk in the game about running out of it even for the robots?

Anyway keep up the good work!


I wrote a very long comment whilst reeling from 12-2 but I deleted it haha. This game was great, Ryn. The ending completely blindsided me emotionally haha.
This might sound weird, but I think the game's strength is the obvious love for your characters, and your voice as an author. Human and unstrained. I momentarily bristled at some of the larger plot choices and the scifi cliches, but I never felt let down for caring what a character had to say. 
The gameplay was fun enough, just simpler and more linear than I expected!
I'm so glad stuff like this still exists. It took me right back to stumbling onto weird interactive fiction online as a teen. Thank you for the experience!!

Some thoughts; as far as plot, the colonists' choice kind of bothered me! It seems such a damning choice to make as an author. Maybe people in a few centuries would be just as barbaric as us. But I don't know. It was the first time you gave me pause for trust as a reader.
There were lots of times I wished I could have talked it out or thought it out further. I think that's testament to how engrossed I got. From my perspective as the character, there had to be another option.
I think some stuff could've used more development - like the philosophies of each of the factions - but I can see how quickly that would make the scope of the game unmanageable lol. The bits of subtle worldbuilding about Earth society were really nice though.
And I was surprised to end up liking - no, loving - the romantic subplot. 
I felt Leon's part towards the end was a little underdeveloped, though.


This was an absolutely insane ride and I can see myself playing this over and over again,  the idea of ever getting a game with this level of scope in story but with a AAA budget is the day we win videogames and storytelling. If it wasn't obvious, I absolutely love this, at every turn I kept thinking, "Oh, it won't let me do this?" Only to be proven wrong and it give me the options I want, blew my mind. Please keep writing and developing games, the world is better for it.


Perfect game. Thx so much for the experience


Ending 12 made me sob 🥲


so...many...mixed...feelings :')..... Amazing plot, I'm obsessed, this game has helped me find out what existential dread feels like. I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. (idc if im 'over exaggerating' this is a masterpiece) my only complaint would be that in most of the endings you feel a bit like a villain but tbh it feels a bit more, 'realistic'(?) that way :)


Thank you very much for this game. As someone who's been fascinated with transhumanist themes and fiction for many years (as well as anything to do with radical body modding), I have found this to be a real gem. It will definitely live rent-free in my brain for a while.

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!!! SPOILER !!!

Sooooo... Who else headcanoned ending 11-1 Butterfly dream as being actually what happened? Just a simulation. REALLY just a simulation. Not fake one.

To cope with ALL that fucking mess and tragedies and for everoyne to get a happy ending??

Plus the "real world" strangely feels like simulation and it was already showed that it's possible to see simulation in memory you watch so... like it's not impossible.

Exceptional game, truly a good experience, having just gotten my first ending i must say, while i think the game wants you to think that any of the endings are bad ones, i believe that the one i got, the Terra Zero Sum, was a good one, while it was quite the SPOILER

Genocide, what isn't, life is genocide in of itself, life and death are facets of the same thing, where there is an abundance of one there is an abundance of the other one, is world like this you must stick with your choices, which is why, while i fucking hate Leon for making a stupid fucking choise, i still respect him somewhat for sticking with it, in a foreign world you should stick with your own species, even more if the other side is a deadly if not more than you or even worst, a bunch of sanctmonius machines.



Wait, spoilers for if you haven't gotten some of the endings, like, all of them.

Can there be a happy ending? Like, maybe a second game ending perhaps? Where the second game takes place after Ending 12, where you choose to leave the simulation using Ash's Progenitor, but, because your in a completely new place, you are reset to being completely normal, without anything, not even the Gun-blade, so you have to forge for new everything, basically starting at square 1 again, but with all the knowledge from the first game, also being able to transfer data from the first game over. There's a lot you can do. But it would still be your game, so you decide.



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I must say that the storyline of this game is almost a masterpiece. However, if I had to offer one criticism (not including the intense emotions the game invokes, such as pain, suffering, sorrow, powerlessness, despair etc., and whatever you do or choose, you feel like bad guy, as it seems to be one of the main intentions of the game) it would pertain to the endings. I am not sure. They felt too rushed, or too short? To illustrate my point, I will provide an example below, so be warned, SPOILERS ahead:

The first ending I got was 5. After the release of the virus, the game was a bit too quick to skip "a few centuries later". I'm not saying it shouldn't, as it's very nice to see the long-term results of our decisions, but it would be better to give us more information about the immediate consequences and events as well. For instance, what was the initial reaction to the virus from both the aliens and humans? How did things develop after that? What about Leon? What happened to him, did he come to terms with your decision and decide to help you out? How was the human colony destroyed in the process (I know it was due to lack of power and starvation, but you could have gone a bit more into detail)? The MC should feel the pressure of his decisions and the weight on his conscience about how he let all those colonists, including the sweet girl and her mother, slowly starve to death. I mean, the game didn't hold back on inflicting pain, suffering, and sorrow until the endings, but at the moment the player should have been hit hardest, those parts were completely skipped (though this doesn't mean you should only explain these negative parts, but positive things seems to be somewhat covered in "a few centuries later" parts), and endings felt weak compared to the rest of the game, as a result. However, these weren't much of a problem with endings like 11 and 12, where you "die", thus you cannot learn about these things.


ough this was a good game. i got ending four and MY POOR HEART. the moral ambiguity oughhhhhhhhh.


this game kept me up all night, didn't expect to get so enticed by a  game i found just scrolling itchio

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This game is great. Near perfection.

Btw I got the ending 7 and have no regrets, I get my perfect ending 😃 

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Simply perfect  (⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠-̩̩̩⁠)

But, could someone, maybe the author, create a playlist with all the music in this game? They are really good 👍

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hello hello i made an itch.io account just to post this comment (hope that is a testament to how amazing this story is) THIS IS SO HEART-WRENCHING AND I WASN'T EXPECTING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH A GAME TODAY

The whole premise is just done so beautifully that replaying it somehow hurts even more than the first playthrough -- though nothing can truly beat my first experience with the 'true ending' (it took a couple head scratches to figure it out, but that's just because I'm not as quite as intelligent as our 170+ IQ MC)

Even though I am more than a year late to the conclusion of this project, goodness I wish I could shower this game (and our collectively traumatised MC and Esra) in more love!! I'll definitely be feeling empty for a while after this...

Eternally (okay, strong wording considering the themes of eternity in this game) grateful to the wonderful RynGM for making this game and touching the hearts of everyone who had the honour of playing Trigaea <3

When will this be available for Android?

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You can play it on Android, but I wouldn't recommend it, due to a lot of reasons I won't mention here. The steps for playing on Android are pretty simple, but it's browser-only.

(Also, I've only tested this on Chrome, so you'd have to be on that or another Chrome-like browser.)

Le Steps: 

1. In the settings drop down, turn on Desktop Site (or the option similar to this).

2. Hit Run Game. Make sure the start screen is fully loaded in before moving on to step 3. Or, you can also play like this, which is what I did.

3. Same as Step 1. Your browser will reload in the Android version, but because your game screen was open it will assume you're playing it on a desktop, and the game screen will stay in the desktop format, despite scaling down to the Android version's screen.

This process works for any browser-based game of this genre, as long as it's on itch.io, but step 3 doesn't always work and the game screen ends up looking butchered. In that case, you'll just have to redo upto step 2, and play that way.

If someone has found a better way than this to play on Android, do reply to this with your process. This is simply what I found based on experimenting.


Just finished the game (I got ending 10, but checked out other endings after), and wow, it's perfect! A good story is the one that captivates you, and makes you feel a little bit changed when you finish it and a little bit sad that it has ended. Trigaea did exactly that.
Can't wait too see more of this world, via future games, books or anyhting else. This has become one of my favourite games.

I did not hear any athmospheric background soundtrack / athmo. Is there any? If not, it is missing.


If you're on PC, try doing "Open As Admin" on the exe file.

If you're on browser, maybe mute the other tabs and reload this page, I'm not sure, it didn't happen to me when I played it here.

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Now it works (In the online-version here under "run game")

But I stopped playing, since I was only testing, so I returned to the comment-section (which did not pause the game) and now the soundtrack doesnt stop :/

Constructive critic:
One thing that I always find annonying (I am a music producer and sounddesigner) in similar game concepts but also in point and click-adventures: Once you have music playing in a scene, it is quite shocking if the music stops abrupt if I enter another scene. The music of scene1 schould shortly fade out, while the new scene2 is building up / appearing. A crossfade is maybe non-trivial to produce, but a simple fade-out of 2-3 seconds should be possible and if you combine that with a delay of 1 second before oyu place the music-start at the following scene, you should automatically have a smooth crossfade...

Something like in Shards Of God, which is a point´n´click, but features scene-swapping as well ...
Shards of God by Honza Vávra, PacoDiago (itch.io)


This game is almost perfect, good job!

what would make it perfect in your eyes

A complete happy ending


Just remembered that this itch.io was a thing, loaded it up to try some games, and boom, the most creative game I've played in quite a while. (New to interactive novels btw)

Such a cool concept, the music is perfect for the game, the dialogue so far is super engaging and fun, and as someone who isnt huge into Turn based combat in general, I enjoy the higher emphasis on world progression then fighting. 

I can see how much has gone into this game. Thank you so much


I seem to got ending 12 for my first try.
I think it the true ending.

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really loved this game! i might play through at least the ending again sometime. it felt really impactful! (i got ending 4!) also, a couple things -

a) i wish there was an option to make our characters trans! (there's a nonbinary option, ofc, but i was so happy to see that leon, like myself + the character i was playing, conceptually, was a trans dude - i just wish there was some dialogue option that let it be possible we were both on the dna manipulation or somesuch. really minor gripe/suggestion, i get you can't program in all options!) additionally, during some of the dialogue at the end stage, gabriel's pronouns are switched from they/them to he/him - is that intentional/do they use they/he, or is that a misprint? 









b) maybe i'll have to play through the game again to figure out this one, but is there any correlation between the pc's dialogue with esra about reading a book being a way to tell you're in a simulation and all the books you can pick up? that's not even a note thats just something i'm curious about 

c) i saw in a comment down below you're thinking of writing a book set in this universe! that sounds awesome, i'd love to check it out once it's done!

d) outta curiosity - is there an ending you consider to be 'canon', or a favorite you have? i get it if not, of course, but i'm just curious if you've got any darlings!

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I can answer B-- idk if you got other endings, so spoilers (or implied spoilers..?) but that conversation is foreshadowing/related to the 11 (all of them), and 12 endings :)

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Hi Seraf, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! Here's my answers in order. :D

**** SPOILERS *****






1. I'm really glad someone liked the fact Leon is trans, since I wanted to get some more transness in there. In the Rosettaverse, everyone on Earth is raised NB until they reach a certain age, and then they get the ability to choose during their Distinction, and sometimes opt to take Endegene and/or change their name (But they can have a second/third/Xth Distinction whenever they want). They usually get a gender-neutral 'birth name' up until that point, which they can opt to keep. I've been explaining it a little bit more in my book and the short stories I'm working on right now. It'd be cool if I could work in a good way to choose that for the protag in the game. With Gabriel, though, it's an error - the pronoun code in my game is buggy as all get out due to some changes I made halfway through development. :/ 

2. The books originally started as a way for me to have the player spend more time with Esra (AKA I wanted excuses for flirting), and show both the player and Esra's personality. But I wrote them with almost every book being representative of their current situation. Most of the intentional Ending 11 foreshadowing happens during the optional Progenitor memories, but hey, I'm happy to look smarter than I am. :)

3. Well I'll be making a lot of noise and sharing it here when it's published, so I'd love it if you (and everyone else) checked it out when it is! I've written the full draft, I'm putting it down to rest before going back for edits, then looking for beta readers, etc. Hoping to get it traditionally published, but who knows? I'm just writing short stories for comps in the Rosetta-verse in the meantime, fiction-wise. I'm hoping to incorporate some of the expanded lore back into Trigaea at some point.

4. They're *all* my darlings! I had to do it that way, because I didn't want to 'punish' anyone for picking an ending I didn't ideologically agree with, so I forced myself to treat them as equally as possible (Except for Ending 1, which is sort of a Bad End in a different wrapper). I do have an idea of which one is Canon if I ever did a Trigaea 2, but I won't share it unless that comes up. :) But if you held a gun-blade to my head, I'd saaay... 

  • Ending 3, because Esra winds up in a X'irii body, and it feels a bit romantic.
  • Ending 7, because I love the contradiction that nobody picks it in a game, yet as a species we choose anthropocentrism all the time in reality. 
  • Ending 12, because well, it's happy and bitter-sweet, and Esra and the player are still there (So I can still ship them).

On a side note, can I ask you to remove the bit about "being a way to tell you're in a simulation" in your message, or put it behind a spoiler tag? I don't want to ruin any twists for folks reading the comments before playing. :)


oh, my bad! i'll try and figure out how to edit the comment now! thank you for your reply!


Wow. Beautifully written, absolutely exquisite world -- I'm surprised this whole thing is free. Twists were set up excellently, but never feeling too obvious or out of left field. Philosophical without falling into the "#deep" over-engineered side (hard to describe what I mean by this, but hopefully that's somewhat clear).

I got ending 11 first (technically 11-3, but they're all connected, so I really just did them one after the other). Doing 11-3 and 11-2 and then 11-1... dunno why, but it hit hard. Me, knowing; my avatar, blissfully ignorant. Maybe that's kinder? I'll be honest I cried during these end parts; pretty much throughout endings 10-12. Congrats on making it onto the list of maybe 4 other games that have made me cry!

Ugh. I'm genuinely OBSESSED with this. I want to burn Trigaea into my mind so it's accessible at all times. This is going to become my current fixation.

This is probably one of my favorite IF pieces ever. Hats off to you, Adam. Damn.


i love this game and its puzzles 


Good news: I rediscovered the game after scrolling on Itch!

Bad news: I lost my save and stuff

...wait, that's even better news, because now I can re-experience it from the start!


Only gonna do hard mode this time around >:DD

Deleted 177 days ago

Messaged in Walkthrough post, but sorry, it doesn't exist in the game yet.😢


This is so amazing, I don't even know how to describe! I just finished all of the endings (I got ending 4 first) and I was so shocked by how what I thought was going on was so completely different than what happened on each path. And your writing is brilliant; I love how philosophical the themes in the game are; I love thinking about how we determine whether life is valuable and worth saving. And at first, the idea of changing your DNA to be more plant-like or alien-like seems disturbing, but that's also what makes it so intriguing.

Anyways, that's all to say that I love your game and I'd be happy to support in any way I can!

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Second trigaea appreciation post, because wow this game is amazing.

Only complaint is I can't play it again (came back cause I randomly remembered and then went through my rollercoaster of emotions again)

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Amazing game! I came not expecting much and was blown away by how good the story is.


Wow. It's been a hot minute since a game has moved me to tears.

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I've done everything that can possibly be done. I'm sad because there is not more to do. I rate this game 9.5 / 10, there are a few bugs in this game, but otherwise it is incredible. If you added more to it, I would definitly play it again.




That shouldn't be possible! I'm baffled. :O


I did the new game+, then I didn't die since.


My play through was 6-8 hours, ending 11-1. I played on normal difficulty and did a complete pacifist run. The story is so good that if it had instead been a Sci-Fi novel, I would have been willing to pay maybe $20 to add it to my collection for re-reading rather than just going through it once. The combat and leveling mechanics made for some fascinating game play, but the scaling and difficulty felt a bit off, and made the early game tricky, the mid-game way to hard and overly luck dependent, and the late game ridiculously easy. The pacing of the game was really good although some of the layout was formulaic(Explore the area, find the town, speak to the townspeople, be to poor for the shop, accept the citizen's quest, forced combat sections, personal story, quartz crystal, repeat). I had some trouble with the save states, but I'm very glad they were included. The visuals are stunning and the art clicks together. The hint to the final twist is placed really ingeniously into the story, that I actively dwelled on it for a minute or two, but didn't get the ramifications until the very end. The ending was a really nice way to take the stress off of the final decisions for the player. Overall, 9.8/10, would play again, made for some good food for thought and would recommend to friends, only a few elements that I would have tweaked to my personal preference, which in no way hindered the game's appeal or play-ability. I very much look forward to your future projects Adam. Why does the game's more information list the session to be half an hour I was up until 3 AM finishing this thing.

(2 edits) (+4)

Thank you so much for playing this game and sharing your thoughts, I'm glad you really enjoyed it! :D And yeah, the game page makes you put in "average duration" like for a session or something, and I had no idea how long people would play for. Most people go hardcore in from start to finish, so maybe I should update it? 

In terms of books, I'm working hard on a novel at the moment (at 95k) which is in what I'm tentatively calling right now the "Rosetta-verse" (Which Trigaea is in), and it's eating my whole life. Static fiction is hard. Hopefully there will be something folks can put on the shelf one day!


When you finish, I'd be happy to proof read and offer suggestions on how to make it better.


yooooo where will it be?

Not sure yet, got to find a publisher! :)


oh i can't wait! i love your work, keep it up :) if i can help you with anything lmk, i got the time


On the human side, if you get killed by leon, it shows this message:

Is there an ending there, is it saying that you can't respawn from the progenitor, or is it just a bug?


It's a bug, sorry about that! I'll look into it. :/ 

.. Como se traduce al español-?

Lo siento no hay version en español. :(


How many times I wondered about mix of story, choice and battle.. not some kind of dismembered corpse of those. I had some hard time reading since english is not my native language, yet it was very good.

many choice games ignores something between story and story. story is writing, it means endless wave of words, sentences. reading all of them for hours are very tired and painful, even while the story is interesting. that's where artwork and battle, or mini-games even- should come in.

and dang, I'm still recovering from emotional damage this game caused to me. because all of characters and their reasons makes sense.. it was hard to decide. in the end, I got 11-1. the mental fatigue was real, and after seeing all that flaws and conflicts, loss made me turn away from any more decision making.. by real death. funny, I'm thanatophobia for real.

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