Could you survive an alien world? Change your genetics and wander the wasteland for answers, all the while aided by your AI companion.

Trigaea is an epic 272,000-word piece of interactive fiction. It's a combination of a sci-fi novel and an RPG adventure game, where you are in control of the story. 

Game Highlights:

  • Augment yourself with animal, robot or alien parts.
  • Decide the fate of a planet. Deal with interesting moral dilemmas!
  • Fifteen different endings to unlock. Over 12 hours of gameplay.
  • Deal with enemies by talking, subduing, scaring, or fighting them.
  • Scrounge for microchips to unlock your memories and discover your past.
  • Play as male/female/non-binary or straight/bi/gay/ace.
  • Stunning alien landscapes from a range of professional sci-fi artists.

Content Warnings: Mild violence, depictions of death. Rated 13+

NOTE: You can play Trigaea in your browser or by downloading it. The latter is recommended for smoothest gameplay.


Trigaea (Full) 335 MB
Version 1.2.5 Oct 01, 2022

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I only made an account just to comment here, i was just randomly scrolling itch for a game to play when bored, saw this, thought it seemed interesting, did not expect to play this till almost 12 am, i started playing at around 5 pm.

I love it so much honestly, i dont have any bug reports but i am so invested in this games story and the characters and lore inside. I utterly adore the companion a.i. as well alongside unveiling the backstory of the world. Thank you for creating this game it is such a joy! I havent unlocked any endings yet but i have been so invested in this game, i think it has a LOT of personality, there are small grammer mistakes occassionally but you can look past them I think.

I might be one of the worse reviewers on anything purely because i cannot find the words to describe, but I do highly reccommend it. I love the story it's telling so far and the writing :]

One of the best and the first game on here that I played! I love this game so much!

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EDIT: My bad, I did not realize that the game only told you how much damage you took AFTER your nanofiber skin absorbed some. I thought the game told you the total damage, and then told you how much was taken away from that damage without actually telling you how much damage you took. 

Turns out, the game tells you 'You took this much damage' and only puts the 'your skin absorbed (number)' and adding that number to the damage would get your TOTAL damage. My bad. Also, it seems with the scene editing, the carcass issue is no longer there!! Majorly enjoying this game :) Still a huge fan :D

So my nanofiber skin does not seem to be working. I had 140 health and my enemy striked for 13 damage. Instead of taking 8 damage, I took all the thirteen damage, despite the battle thing saying it got absorbed by my nanofiber skin. 

And a smaller thing is that I always subdue enemies, and it describes them fleeing or still being alive, but in the next scene it describes that their corpse is still laying there. 

I'm still massively enjoying the game tho, I love it! Finally making time to read all of those extra scenes that were added :) 

Is it available for android?

you should make sprites of the machines and X'irii, i cant help but think the X'irii are bug like people and the machines look like the robots from destiny 2 lmao

I still need to make the time to read all the new scenes :') So I have a question; if I download it so that it's staring straight at me from my desktop home page, will it update or will it stay the way it was when I downloaded it? Thank you in advance :) 


Wow, this has been my first ever finished game on, and I am blown away! I felt so connected with the storyline and characters, I lost sleep while I was thinking about what to do next! Beautiful art and dialogue, and truly had me sentimental about many people. Thank you for this! I am now going to share this with all of my friends so I can see what type of person they are... haha!


This made me sad, but it also reminded me that this has several endings that will be true with humanity

hi! i noticed that out of nowhere shay started using she/her pronouns after going by he/him for the entirety of our previous encounters, so im curious— is shay genderfluid/nonbinary?

Did they? I thought shay was using she/her the entire time in my playthrough

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huh, maybe it got confused due to my sexual orientation choice— i went for mostly men but sometimes women. so shay must have been using male pronouns at first but then the game got confused and swapped it for female? i can't really think of a different reason. especially since a bit later on it was back to he/him like nothing happened. must just be a bug.

My first playthrough was Asexual, but my second was Bi. The same thing just happened to me, where they switched to She/her.

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Great game and I loved it.

And f*ck you (not really, but I'm sed now).

Edit: I just got endings 11-4 and 12 and my emotions. This is the second game to ever make me choke up (first one being the happiness series). Out of all games I got more invested in two games than any actual published game. 


I would really like to donate money to you. This was really good and you deserve it. If you have a donate button I cant find it. Is there a paypal I can send it to?

Thank you, I really appreciate the thought. :) But the only payment I need is knowing you enjoyed the game!

That said, it you know anyone who would like Trigaea, let them know about it! If not, that's also fine - I have surprisingly little sci-fi loving friends on my side of things, and the ones that like text-based games was even smaller. Finding beta players was a paiiiin. *Inner cry*


I adore text based games and rarely find really good ones. Unfortunately I dont have friends that like them as much as I do but i will definitely try to grab their interest!

I havent looked at your other games yet but I definitely will!


I made an itch acount just to say how good, well written and sad this game is. I hardly slept at night thinking about it. The story and atmoshpere might be better than any AAA game I played. If big studios would make an 3d game based on your lore it would go down in history.  10 / 10 Will play again.


this has been an amazing expirience and i will gladly go through it all again just for the different endings. overall amazing game


Good game but I  wonder will there be a Phone port?

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The answer is "Yes" and "Maybe"! I've got a mobile-optimized browser version done, I've just got to test it and push it live. That should be playable through the app on the phone or a regular browser. That said, I'm aware this might add loading times and be less ideal than a downloaded version.

If it's as a proper native app on a mobile store, it's a "Maybe." It's not generally best practice to turn Twine games into APKs and release them that way, and the file size of Trigaea adds some unique issues that other Twine games released as mobile apps don't have. Still, it's something I've looked into before, and might do in the future.


One of the greatest games in existence. Thank you so much. I love your storytelling, and am excited to see what's next.

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Game is really great, no doubts.
But her plot is really something.Everything goes to in the way devs wants only thanks to stupidity x stupidity.

Spoilers ahead

Earth is ruled by tyrants and we suffer from it?Let's destroy her!

- But what we do after that?

- Ehh...

We discovered that chosen planet covered by xenophlora and xenophauna?

- Lets kill each other and/or destroy all xenophlora and phauna!

Instead of making temporary base in order to refuel and search for another planet to colonize.Maybe leave outpost for studying.

No that's too smart instead of that we'll risk everything :/

And even after that sentient AI still want to continue this idiocy.

4/5 rate


Hi, thanks for the feedback! Can you please put this behind a spoiler tag, because there's some big reveals there. Just don't want to ruin things for anyone. :)


Oh,sorry , completely forgot, thanks for mentioning!
I don't know how to add spoiler tag in comment section so temporarily made a warning about spoilers and put them deep into "View rest".

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No prob, thanks for the edit! That'll work great.


Its a great game but if i could givve an sugestion it would be to make save files nameable and to ask for confirmation before deleting them, just an opinion because i like to save some special parts of the game depending on what they change so i can redo them and see what happens and it gets hard to organize if the save file is a whole sentence

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Hey dude if you don't mind me asking where did you get the art from or did you make it yourself?


Hi, great question! The art is not mine but from a number of awesome sci-fi artists who have generously allowed me to use it in my game. The artists are listed in the Trigaea credits with hyperlinks to their art pages and websites.


Thanks for the reply. The art indeed is great. Looks very dystopic but calming for some reason.


This is the best text based Sci-fi RPG game I have ever played, In terms of being the best RPG it is only a few steps away from being the next Undertale, You already have a fandom, Just make a part 2 and you'll be #1 !!


Wow. This game is incredible. I've played a LOT of IF games and this is one of the very best. I can't believe it's free. The gameplay is simple yet rewarding: I kept expecting it to become a grind, but it never quite reached that point. The world-building is fairly standard sci-fi, but it's pretty well done. The prose itself is functional. There's some small errors here and there. The dialogue is good, and characters feel real and speak naturally.

The narrative, however, is EXCELLENT, and absolutely elevates this game above most others. The plot maintains its sense of mystery the entire way through, with just enough information dished out to keep you interested. The characters are interesting and all-too-likeable. And the dilemmas and decisions have real weight. Especially towards the end. The emotional payoff for spending time with this game was more than worth it: by the end, I was incredibly invested in the outcome, in what would happen to the world and the characters I'd met.

(I've just come back from Ending 12 to write this comment and I'm legitimately still crying.)

I'll be recommending this to anyone who will sit still enough to listen to me.

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This is an amazingly beautiful game. I was really moved by all the endings and the story. The game is so well written, I'm not even much of a reader but the game's writing captivated me. An easy 10/10. 

Damn, man. I highly recommend it to anyone who's wondering if you should play this or not.


Just amazing i was so moved by the storyline i also created a posting in my linkdin platform lol. here it is Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or any other platform.

~Fellow enthusiastic gamer 


Wow. This game was amazing. Can't think of a better way to put it.


Hey I was thinking of doing a blind review of this game this upcoming week. I do blind reviews of games as part of my channel now. I was thinking of doing it sometime Thursday. If you'd like to be part of the livestream as the dev, if there are some good times for your timezone, let me know before Thursday and we can adjust times. 

I was tentatively planning to do it at 12PM on Thursday (GMT -8), Pacific Standard Time (PST). Also here's my channel:

Hi, that sounds great! That should be Friday morning for me. Feel free to send me any other details (like meeting links, etc) on


Awesome! Here's the link to the video, it will stream live at the specified time. I only played about 10 minutes of your game in anticipation of a possible review and I think it looks really cool:

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Hi Psychronic! I haven't gotten an email yet, so I'll just ask questions here and delete this post later. :) 

1. What exactly is a blind review? I'm guessing from context that it's a review when you haven't played much of the game?

2. How am I going to log in and interact with your livestream? Just in the chat comments?

3. Is there anything else I should know about, in terms of how long you'll be reviewing, or things you might ask?

Thanks in advance!


Feel free to keep this question and post up, I'm happy to answer. 

The "Blind Review thing" is a situation in which I'm trying to do reviews on my channel, but pretty raw. If I go into a game totally blind without looking at any of it at all, it might not be ready yet as a game or whatever, and I will try to weed that out. 

As for your game, I saw all the comments on it, and I also saw there wasn't a lot of videos for it, and I played for 10 minutes, and already knew it was going to be good. So I want to do a review to get your game more noticed. I am a game developer as well, but I want to review hidden gems. I think your game fits the definition of hidden gem, but I will play your game on Thursday and find out. 

Please like and subscribe to our channel as well so you can see our game too. But from seeing the basics of your game, I'm seeing the very fundamentals of RPG's in your game that need to be noticed by other makers of RPG's. 


Finished the game today, loved it, here's the last video where I reviewed it. Initially I got Ending 10, which I was satisfied with/ending made sense for how I would be in that position of the Character/outcome I was looking for. I will check out all the other endings too. 


beautiful game. ive always loved text-based games and I assumed this one would be your run of the mill sci-fi adventure game. i was wrong, complex characters, backstories, development, and a moral that should be taken to heart are all found within this free game.


I'd write a longer review, but I just finished the game with ending 12 and I'm still trying to get over how good it is sorry.

Might come later once I've settled down to write a comprehensive review, but honestly, I'll probably be too busy completing the rest of the game to do that.

Undoubtedly one of the best games I've ever played, period. A joy from start to finish.

I just started the game but am stuck in the main menu. None of the buttons for my only save slot to set difficulty/settings/etc actually work, and when I select that load slot, the page doesn't update/change with any buttons/links that actually take me to the game itself. What steps am I missing to actually start a new game with my chosen save slot?

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Hi Paulineugalde, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble starting the game! If you email me on, I can work through some troubleshooting options for you, and see if we can get you started.


This is one of the few things I'm still hyper fixated on, made me feel inclined to write my own playthrough as a way to keep up with the plot (and add some personal flair and head cannons).

It also encouraged me to learn a bit about twine, writing styles and making impactful characters in narratives.

Thank you so much for making this game, the music is one of the few things that helps me feel both relaxed and hyped at the same time.


crying like a baby. I became waaaaaayyyyy too emotionally attached to Esra. I want to get more endings, but I can't get myself to hurt anyone.


i'm absolutely inconsolable right now and it is ENTIRELY your fault

all jokes aside though, this is genuinely a masterpiece! i completed all 15 endings on normal in 6 hours (as well as got every achievement bar the hardmode one, entire-game ones, talk option one, and kill option ones), and it was an absolute blast the entire time. i'm gonna finish up the last achievements someday, but reading 200k+ words is a lot so i think i'll maybe update this one last time with that when it happens :P

my one regret is that i got ending 12 first - it naturally feels like it's supposed to be an out of the way one, but i'm a naturally stubborn and determined person so it ended up being the first one i got. i'm absolutely certain that if i'd walked through all of them sequentially, i'd have probably genuinely cried at the end (and i'm chronically emotionally constipated- that's a real feat.)

another game i love (metaware high school (demo)) has one true ending whose impact is fulfilled much more by the generally-fluffy sub-endings alongside it, and while i know that having ending 12 be inaccessible unless all others were completed would be a HUGE drag... hey, i wouldn't be complaining if there was another one added :P!

every ending seems genuinely fulfilling, though, and that's incredibly impressive. not only are they all somewhat hopeful, the message of the game speaks to the never-ending spirit of life (human or otherwise): no matter which ending you get, the plot feels like it's resolved properly. that's really hard to do, from what i can tell, and it's really refreshing when sometimes there's VNs or interactive fiction games whose endings tend towards being "whatever immediately makes sense" - they can be great fun with fluffy stuff, but tend to lose out a bit on the nuance. this game DOESN'T do that, and it's extremely coherent as a result, i think! 

plus, you've done an excellent job with every emotional beat - it's only due to meta knowledge that i was able to avoid a likely Bad End in the Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss section, and it was still a crapshoot if i'll be honest. and the description of reactions to traumatic events, emotional digestion, and coping mechanisms is extremely on point with how i'd react personally - i might actually take inspiration or reference for my own writing because it's sorta sparked some ideas in my head.

also trigaea is just incredibly technically impressive - i'm starting out with twine (or i was a few months ago) and i genuinely couldn't imagine how to format most of the things you've done - let alone implement them in a way which is even remotely optimized or reasonable for a janky 2012 laptop to run. 

genuinely one of the best games i've played, on top with hacknet and MWHS(D). kudos to your technical skill with coding, game design, and emotional storytelling; your mechanical skill with art, graphic design, and writing, and your empowering model of the world's core issues. you have at least one machine believing in you now!


INCREDIBLE. Definitely try this out!


Ohh my gosh. What an incredible game!! What delightful characters, what a complex and beautiful world. When I started idly browsing the playable-online itch games while procrastinating, I was not expecting to find a game that would completely suck me in for the next two days! I've been delaying studying for an exam but I can't bring myself to regret it at all. Easily one of the most compelling storylines in any game I've played in a long time!

(MILD SPOILERS FOR THE ENDINGS MAYBE? idk, better safe than sorry)

I got ending 11-1 the first time around. I was vibrating with anticipation as soon as I saw the 'reading' option, but I didn't quite figure out where to go from there and just... went to bed haha. A look through the comments led me to ending 12 though! I'll have to check out the other endings soon :D

RynGM, thank you so much for sharing this game! And for free, no less! If you ever decide to charge for this game or any other, I'll happily throw money at you, but in the meantime: thank you thank you thank you!


This game is a true masterpiece!

Thank you very much RynGM!


this game made me tear up lmao. I did all the endings...Yeah, I won't tell you the details, play the game yourself. It's excellent.


I never really leave reviews at all. I binged this in one sitting. I had no life. This is one of the most well-written and emotionally-inducing games I have played in a very long time. Incredibly amazing game, I am tearing up writing this because I just got done unlocking all 15 endings. I am emotionally destroyed. Haven't cried over a game in a very long time. Ash will have my heart and so will Esra. I guess throughout all that time I was hoping, somehow, ash became Esra and was looking out for the reader that way. But that will only be in my dreams. Overall 1000/100 recommend playing this.


Incredibly good game, well written, just delightful - and the final choice was so hard! Will be recommending to all my friends - you should be very proud of your work <3


Dude. DUDE! Put this up on steam and CHARGE FOR IT! I don't normally leave comments like this cuz things you can get free aren't big but this was amazing. I spent 2 days straight playing through the first ending. Theres so much work out into this and its great. My only criticism is there seems to be a bug that randomly changes names and gender pronouns as you play before switching to the correct one. But seriously, put it on steam and charge money. You deserve it.


This is honestly one of the best games I've ever played, in any genre. Especially in the sense of storytelling. I appreciate the fact that you made it free because I am a broke teenager lol. But in case I get a job anytime soon, do you have a patreon or something similar?


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I don't have a patreon, I get paid in nice comments like these!

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This quality of work for the price of FREE??? There's so much love and passion going into this and it shows. There are so many interesting concepts to be explored in sci-fi and how ethics and philosophy fit into it--definitely kept me pondering with all the conversations. Haven't gotten all the endings yet but damn, humanity sucks lol

Would there have been no way to ever negotiate peace between the 3 factions? Being a Collector and having helped all 3 factions, wouldn't it be possible to eventually bring all three to some kind of common ground or shared benefits?


Maybe try refusing to help any of the individual groups. See what happens next.


I hate reading,
but I loved this game.
Go play it.

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