Trigaea v1.2.3 Game Patch

Hi all! A new patch has been uploaded for Trigaea. This applies to both the browser and downloadable versions.

These are mostly fixes to larger bugs from the v1.2 release. Thank you to everyone who brought these bugs to my attention and shared their save files so I could rush a fix! Hopefully you can now boot up your game and continue without issues.

Changes in v1.2.3

  • Not a bug, but the art for the Swamp area has been changed. You're not imagining it!
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't obtain higher-level Subdue, Talk and Kill trophies.
  • Fixed the bug where you were always wearing a wedding ring, regardless of orientation. 
  • Fixed the bug where you didn't get the trophy for getting every ending.
  • Fixed the bug in the purchasable memory EM3 where clicking next would send you to the same passage.
  • Fixed the error where subduing Leon in training counted towards total non-lethal countdowns, preventing a fully lethal playthrough (and trophy gains).
  • Fixed the text in the "Optional Memories" trophy to clarify this is for getting all optional memories, not just the ones from the Progenitor.

If you do come across any major bugs, please submit a bug report. Alternatively, if it's a big bug that's really impacting your experience, reach out to me on and send me your save file. That way, I can figure out what the problem is sooner!


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Version 1.2.4 71 days ago
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Version 1.2.4 71 days ago

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