Trigaea Feature Update - Titles, Scores & More

The Trigaea 1.1 update is now available! New feature list below.

What's New in Trigaea 1.1:

New Feature (Title System): There are now 26 unique titles you can get based on your fighting style, level, and ending. You can check out your current epithet any time in the stats screen as well as when you finish the game!

New Feature (Stats Screen): You can now get a granular breakdown of how many people you've killed from each faction, who you've spared, and other interesting information. (Note: If you are playing a game started prior to 1.1, some fields will be set to zero. This is because these things were not tracked prior to 1.1.)

Image of Score Screen Table

New Feature (Character Appearance): When you start a new game, you will be asked to set your appearance. You can also now check your current appearance (including what form you are in) from the appearance screen. Your human appearance may affect your other forms (E.g. If you've got green eyes, you'll have green X'irii markings). Note that for existing saves, a default hair and eye color will be set.

Image of Appearance Screen

More Chips for Non-Lethal: When you perform a non-lethal takedown, you'll get additional chips. Subdue gives a moderate bonus, talking gives a large bonus, and healing machines gives a huge bonus.

Chip bonus example image

Special Attack (Rosetta): You can use your implant to fix infected machines (after you hit this plot point) for a lot of chips, but at a slight health cost. This and grenade attacks are now under a "Special..." menu.

Rosetta implant machine heal

End Game Quiz: You can share the ending you got and see what fate other people picked for Trigaea!

Expanded In-Game Lore: Two new entries have been added to the library about the world of Trigaea, and references have been made to the Rosetta implant and cognitive technology. Based on feedback, some of Gabriel's dialogue has also been refined.

Splash Screen Change: After you finish the game, the splash screen will look different in New Game+ depending on the last ending you got.

Clearer Ending Choices: Before you pick a faction to side with in the late game, some of the high-level implications are flagged in a lore-friendly way. 

Scaled Treasure Drops: Treasure you find when exploring has been better scaled to the area's difficulty and how far you have explored.

Tons of Bug Fixes: Thanks to people's feedback, a lot of bugs and spelling mistakes have been annihilated. Thanks for letting me know!

Full Changelog (1.1)

  • Added character title mechanic
  • Added new stats screen
  • Added character appearance screen
  • Added selection scene for character appearance in tutorial
  • Added code to give bonus chips when subduing, talking down the enemy, or healing machines
  • Added a special ability to heal machines once this plot event is reached
  • Added a final stats screen to each ending path
  • Cleaned up the post game and new game+ selection screen
  • Added code to change the starting splash screen based on the last ending the player got (if any). Currently only applies to a New Game+ refresh, not a regular game refresh. 
  • Added a quiz button at the post-game screen that goes to a Google form that auto-fills the player's last ending
  • Added two new book entries in the library (only currently accessible during this quest)
  • Added several references to the Rosetta implant and thought tech, as well as tweaked some memory events
  • Added in a lore-friendly paragraph before most faction choices to highlight the pros and cons of this decision from the PC's perspective
  • Scaled the treasure drops based on distance travelled and the area being explored
  • Gabriel and Echo's dialogue has been tweaked across their plotline to refine their reasoning, and explain the fuel shortage
  • Streamlined the user experience for the first part of the tutorial before you leave the room
  • Inserted code to track the "lowest difficulty level used" to put in the stats screen
  • Fixed an issue where the dodge chance from X'irii upgrades was not being applied (and also nerfed this bonus a little on testing)
  • Fixed an "infinite chip" bug where you could go to the menu and come back when chips were being awarded to trigger it again
  • Fixed an issue where SubdueDopplegangerBoss was missing
  • Added a note at the game start about the darkness of the background being adjustable
  • Removed the old statistics screen (since there's now a new one)
  • Added a back button to the initial difficulty selection screen
  • Cropped the default splash screen and changed some CSS to ensure consistent positioning

Bugs Fixed Since 1.0

  • Fixed a ton of issues where characters are referred to as the wrong gender
  • Fixed a ton of spelling issues
  • Changed the reflex bonus for using the Defend action (20 on Easy, 10 on Normal, 5 on Hard)
  • Fixed an issue where the plot wasn't progressing in the swamps because the passage wasn't detected
  • Memory cost display corrected
  • Healing icons now display properly
  • Fixed error where MM3-&(R) didn't exist
  • Fixed an issue where versioning was not tracking correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where FirstAlienEncounterRepeat could not be found.
  • Fixed an issue where the subdue event for the twin turret boss was not being found

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