Trigaea Feature Update - New Scenes, Achievements & Stores

The Trigaea 1.2 update is finally here! I've been working on this one since March, and it's been a rocky road to release. Some features were added, others were cut - but at last, I get to share it.

This update will work with existing saves, but it's best enjoyed from a new save (and it's probably going to act a lot more predictably). Since this is a brand new release, please let me know in the in-game bug report if you come across any bugs. 

What's New in Trigaea 1.2:

New Feature (Trophies & Achievements)

There are now a whopping 59 trophies you can get in the game, and a dedicated trophy screen! Trophies are ranked by difficulty, and include everything from getting through the whole game without killing anyone, getting hidden memories, and more. 

Perhaps the coolest thing about this system is it remembers trophies from other save games, so long as you're playing on the same machine. When you boot up an old save, any existing achievements you meet the requirements for in that game should be ticked off and remembered. Needless to say, there is a trophy for getting every trophy.

A trophy screen you can find in Trigaea, with entries from platinum to bronze

NOTE: This feature relies on in-browser storage, so it's largely incompatible with private browsing modes, or any kind of browser "cleanup" action. These things can mess with any Twine game, not just Trigaea.

New Optional Memory Scenes

Four new memory scenes have been added to Trigaea, which delve into more of the Corrector's past - and some of the revelations shine a different light on the events of the plot. You can get these memories by purchasing quartz chips from stores in the various settlements.

A scene in a room where you are talking to a mysterious woman called Celia

Settlements Now have Stores, Interactions

Purchase? Stores? Yes, you heard me right! There is now a store in Delta Colony, Sector 54, and Shi'ari Grove. There's also some more interactions with the denizens of the human and machine settlements, so you can learn a little bit more about their situation.

New Item: Books!

You can now collect classic works of literature from these new stores, and bring them back to read with Esra. There are six books in total, and collecting these lead to some pretty interesting scenes as you start your very own book club of two. Once you've bought them, go talk to Esra, and choose "Use Item."

Honestly, these were very fun to write, and I spent a lot of time re-reading these just to make sure I was getting it right. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them. Naturally, there's a trophy for getting all the books. 

A scene where you're reading from Lord Valentine's Castle while Esra listens in

Oh, and did I mention that you get stronger for each book you collect? Knowledge is power, after all.

A pop up for getting the first book, telling you get 5hp per book collected

Between this and the merchants, you could say this is a store-y update!

... I'll, uh, see myself out.

Two New Shay Collection Quests

After you help out Shay the first time, you can return and learn a bit more about the colony's traditions, and lend a hand. I'm going to leave it at that, since it's hard to go into too much detail without spoilers. These quests are triggered when you visit Delta if you meet the conditions. Also: Optional flirting.

A scene where you're climbing down a ladder with Shay and talking about your past

New Ending Bonuses & Screen

Now you can check what endings you've got on a single screen, tracked between games. As an added bonus, for each ending you clear, you get a mystery bonus that carries over to your next game. 

A screen with mysterious hidden ending icons and text

Cool New Popups

There's new pop-ups in the game, which should let you know when things have happened! Each one has a little description with it. The old popups are still used for discovery events - unfortunately, these have been harder to replace than I thought. These new ones should be screen reader friendly, though, as they've been tested with NVDA.

A popup for the achievement of being a bibliophile

Improved User Interface

Ever get annoyed that you can't always see how many chips you've got stored at camp until you go to use the progenitor, or what form you've currently got? Now you can! 

I've redone the header with a new Safe icon to let you know how many chips you have at camp, as well as what form you've got (Click on it to see your physical description). There's also a new trophy button for checking achievements, endings, and score data. 

Advanced New Game+ Options

You can now customize your New Game+ experience to how you want to replay the game. There's now a bunch of options, including:

  • Skipping the tutorial section and starting right at the Main Camp
  • Keeping your old character name, gender, and orientation
  • You can choose to keep your levels or upgrades, just  one of these things, or neither - your call!

The "Restart from T'yani" option is still there for those looking to get all the endings as quick as possible. Starting a new game from the beginning will reset your "lowest difficulty level used" for getting trophies, so you can start with a clean slate.

A prompt for New Game+ asking what options you want to choose

You can wipe your Trophy and New Game+ data from a new "Advanced Commands" section in the menu, if you're keen to make a fresh run of it. I wouldn't use this regularly, and only once you've reset the game!

New Stunning Art

Trigaea would not be possible without the many artists who have graciously allowed me to use their art in it, and for that, I'm incredibly thankful. Gioele Muscolino has allowed me to use some of his absolutely stunning space art in Trigaea, and Delta Colony has a brand new look thanks to Shaun Williams. There's so much great art to mention from Tom Gariti, Khaalied Majiet, Shady Hamza and Kemal Gunel which all bring life to the alien world you're exploring.

Lots of Bug Fixes

There were a few cursed bugs which have been fixed in this update. 

  • (MAJOR BUG FIX) The bug where you don't get bonus undamaged chips for talking, subduing, or healing machines has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience with this one!
  • (MAJOR BUG FIX) If you decided not to save the twins when fighting the machine walker, there was a bug where you couldn't proceed with the end game faction quest. This has now been fixed if you upgrade to v1.2. 
  • The crazy pronoun issue for Shay and Ash/Aurel should now be fixed. This was caused by them occasionally sourcing from Esra's pronouns (Rude!). I've told them to stick to their own, and this should fix it. If not, please let me know in the bug reports!
  • Fixed an error when you could cure the Machine walker - this shouldn't have been possible for the fight.
  • Fixed the issue where the Optional Memories prompt would tell you lies about being able to spend money to buy them when you can't.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Rosetta depletes 40 HP instead of 20.
  • Fixed the "SubdueXiriiHunterBoss does not exist" error.
  • Fixed the issue where Shay is confused about whether or Maya is alive or not.
  • Fixed an admittedly quirky error where if you choose "1. Go the long way instead" by clicking the number key, it doesn't instead choose "2. Attempt the Short", and vice-versa. Also, for those who didn't know, yes - Trigaea does allow you to use number keys!
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. Warning: This is what happens when your writer and editor are the same person!
  • Fixed a bug where the bio-regeneration upgrade was not charging the displayed cost.
  • Some minor changes to major and existing memories to ensure consistency, as well as to some end-game scenes.

The backburner of ambition

In my last v1.2 progress update, I did make mention of Chain Events. I spent months writing these, pouring in thousands upon thousands of words, trying to make unique scenes for each area - all to spice up the exploration mechanic a bit.

At a certain point, I'd dumped so much time into it, and the whole thing still felt bare bones. Instead of making things less repetitive, there weren't enough chain scenes compared to other events, so it felt more repetitive. The only fix was to write even more scenes, and not only was I burned out on them, it was holding up the release of v1.2 (and getting the other cool features into everyone else's hands).

So, I made a choice to sideline that one for v1.2, even though I'm in love with a lot of the scenes. The events are lurking there in the code, ready to be switched on, but there just needs to be more of them.


... And that's everything! I hope you enjoy these new features and scenes as much as I enjoyed putting them together. :) 

As usual, if you come across any bugs, please submit a bug report so I can fix them. Pro tip: If it's a game-stopping bug, put your email in the bug description, and I'll work with you to fix it. 

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I know what I'm doing today :) I'm coming back to the game :D I am sooooo excited right now!!!!! I already played a tiny really little bit of it and I love how there are new noises (either that or I just didn't notice it before) where (spoiler!!!!) when at the beginning of the game, before you get the plant upgrade and Esra turns you into a part plant, you can actually hear your stomach growling and even more noises! 
Also, right outside camp in the same scene, I just spotted a little human silhouette with red hair! Idk if I'm overthinking or never noticed this, but I love it :D I'm using one of my OC's in this game and it's getting me so inspired for her ^^ Her name is Malika :D