Post Launch Notes & Work on New Content

Well, it's been two weeks since Trigaea went live, and the reception has been better than I hoped!

I've also got a lot of invaluable feedback from players - a special thanks to Hituro and Cyrus Firheir, who have given me a ton to work with, as well as to TheMadExile for giving me the code to update legacy save files.

So, where to from here?

I feel re-energised after spending three years in a vacuum of no feedback, and now there's space to add new content and features without it holding up a launch (it's no longer scope creep!). 

I've started working on some added content for a 1.1 release. Some of the bigger things are listed below.

To be Included in Trigaea 1.1:

  • Special Attacks: Basic support for future expansion. What will certainly make it in is the ability to fix infected machines for a lot more chips, but at a slight health cost.
  • More chips for Non-Lethal: You worked harder, you should get more for keeping that person (and their chips) intact!
  • A Title System: This will be tied to your fighting style, level, plot progression, and chosen game ending. I loved this in things like Fallout and Metal Gear Solid, so I want to include something similar in Trigaea.
  • Enhanced PC Stats Screen: Also inspired by Metal Gear. You'll be able to get a granular breakdown of how many people you've killed (and from what faction), how many people you've subdued/talked to/disinfected, etc. 
  • Physical Appearance Screen: Both a novelty and a UX improvement. You can set your human appearance during a new game, and this is reflected on a set screen. You can use this to also check what species you currently appear as. Some things carry over (E.g. Your x'irii markings reflect your human hair colour and eyes).

  • Expanded In-game Lore: This one is mostly moving things from the same-ish world universe book I'm writing on the side into Trigaea. Namely,  the Rosetta implant, cognitive tech, and the origin of Esra. 
  • Clearer Ending Choices: Some people reported not realising there were different ending choices, or that the intended consequences of these weren't fully obvious. I'm making some minor tweaks to improve this and considering some restructured plot pathways as well to help.

Most of the above are already done, so it's really just ironing out the code and content. Got anything you'd like to see (or not see) in Trigaea, or just want more of? Let me know in the comments!

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A sort of follow up to my comment on the main page. Great change log! I'll be playing the game in the coming days and let you know my thoughts as a blind person, as I actually haven't started yet. When you say about granula stats I hope it will list it as text and not just a visual layout for the sighted.