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I back, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any books/novels I can read that are similar to this game? Especially with similar themes of morals/ethics, psychological conflict, and maybe even loss

Bonus points if they're not YA, but if they are thats cool too!

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The Value of Life ending could not have been a more satisfying ending after the emotional turmoil every plot twist spat at me, my goodness my heart hurts after it all

A bit of me wishes there was a sequel, just so I get to experience a nicer life with Ash 😭

Such a beautiful game, I've never read or played through a story that messed with my psychology so much (in the best way possible)! Now I'll be looking forever for another that has me so conflicted and engaged, i loved every bit of Trigaea!


This was such a wonderful experience.  The backgrounds and music served to make this so much more immersive, and the story this game tells is one that I know will stick with me for a long time.  


i apologise that i don't have much to say, but i adored this so much---i haven't picked up a book in so long and this was a delightfully evocative experience (the wonders of interactive fiction... i should really do something about my attention span). my heart is absolutely shattered, thank you for creating this

Where are all of my chips going?? I keep defeating enemies without killing them and that gives me extra undamaged chips, but I can never find them back anywhere... I don't carry them with me, and I can't find them in the Progenitor... sorry if I'm missing something or calculated wrongly, but where are my chips??

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You're not crazy! Some people have reported this bug, and I've been trying to reproduce it. It's likely the bonus nonlethal chips for some forms of takedown aren't being added behind the scenes - apologies for the inconvenience. :(


Don't worry about it! At least I know that I'm not crazy, and that was the most important thing to know for me ^^ Thank you so much for your reply, and you just take all the time you need :D Thank you so much for the reply and reassurance, I really thought I was missing something, haha! Anyways thanks again ^^ Sorry if I came across as mean, I never mean any disrespect towards game creators, because I don't even know how hard they work, but I try to respect them :) 

I hope you have an awesome day :D 

Also, sorry I don't mean to spam, but there might be another bug. Sorry for not using the bug report in the game, but my email adress is the personal one and I don't feel comfy with that. 
To make a long story short I also notice that when I have for example, 6 damage taken, and my nanofiber skin takes 10 of it, shouldn't I not be damaged at all? Insead, I do lose HP. Is this intentional? It's just I notice that when my defense prevents more damage than the attack does, I still get damage. 

Thanks again, I'm really sorry again! I hope you have an awesome day :) 

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This had me on the edge of my seat for a text adventure!

I have yet to get all the endings yet, but I got a few variants of ending 11 as well as ending 1 and 10. First off, you did an amazing job making this story feel so immersive. The writing is well done and pulls you in. The selection of music and background images really added to the immersion without taking too much away from the imagination, it really just helped to enhance it. Choices definitely were hard! I got a couple death ends before I got to any proper ending. My first real ending was "Butterfly Dream", imagine my shock when I looked at other variants hahaha. The characters and the world were also really interesting, and I absolutely loved Esra! He's just so lively and supportive and the banter with him is always so fun (looking forward to the update with more Esra banter). I also adored the combat system. It was simple, yet also really fun! Being able to add upgrades to give you more of an edge in battle was cool, and I also liked how you slowly progressed to unlock your memories, even minor ones. This game had so many choice dilemmas and made you feel all sorts of emotions; happiness, sadness, laughter, anger, shock, confusion, etc. There was obviously a lot of love put into this story. It felt like a professional novel to me, and I love how it goes to show you that a good narrative is just as strong and immersive as any other video game out there with fancy visuals and complex mechanics. Character customization was simple, but appreciated!

Any possible nitpicks? Some come down to personal opinion and taste, so no need to mention those. On a technical aspect, I did notice some typos scattered around here and there (but being a 200k novel it's understandable), as well as sometimes certain characters being incorrectly referred to as 'she' when they're male. Again, with a game this massive, I can understand the errors, since whether or not they are a he or she depends on your choices. MC seemed not to have any incorrect referrals (I played female). Also, when this huge robot was coming to attack your base (a boss battle forgot what it's called but the x’irii siblings are with you when this happens), in the battle I managed to heal it of the virus, but after the battle (I guess this is locked into the plot?) the robot is taken down and destroyed instead. Would've been nice to have alternate text of the robot going along its way (I try to save as many as I can). 

Overall, a fantastic story and I look forward to see what's new in store with the update, or anything else you might have in store ^^

(A bit spoilery but...

The section of the game where you had to shut down the A.I with the virus was seriously creepy! Really well done. It really made you question the MC's sanity or whether or not she had gotten infected due to being in a robot body. Truly some good atmospheric horror there!)


i liked how that part also served as foreshadowing


Have to say, wonderful game. I got ending 7 on my first playthrough. Humanity First!


Absolutely loved this game!

I stayed up till 1am playing this. Think I got a bad ending? 


I started playing and now (NO SPOILERS PLS) I am determined to get all endings. Anyone know how to do this? I'd love it lol. Haven't reached any yet but reading through the comments it seemed that some people have reached all the endings! 

Loving it so far :) I am SOOOO determined to get all the endings :D 


Have me addicted for a week. Really good story. I rooted for machine ending for the first time, and then I played again trying to get all endings. I cried at ending 11 and 12...

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I have an, admittedly kinda niche, issue to bring up. [kinda maybe minor spoiler ahead] Basically what happened was I named my character Ash, leading to me being really confused during the memories, before I figured out what as going on.

I'd maybe suggest that if it's possible, adding some sort of check and warning to prevent this wouldn't be a bad idea. Just like if you enter the name Ash or another name shared by a character it'd just say like "Hey another character shares this name, do you still want to use it?"

Other than that, I really like the game. Definitely an easy 5/5 for me.

Thanks for bringing that up! I'll note that down as something to do for v1.2 - I know some games prevent it, like Wayhaven Chronicles. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and the name thing didn't throw you off!


Finally, after a lots of "save and load" process, I got every bit of this game. I'm satisfied with all the ending(exclude death ending) based on the route I've taken, especially ending 12. The Value Of Life. I felt the story well. Immersed by it.... I have felt what every character in this game feel. I've killed them, saved them, spared/subdue them, saved by them and even killed by them. Now... it has come... to an end... ahh... well guess that's all.

Really an exciting experience. 5 out of 5 stars for the story.

Nice joke throughout the game btw.. some of them really get me Lol.

thank you for the game!


This game has been a hell of a ride, and I mean it in a good way. 

Let's take my main complaint out of the way before talking about how great this game is: I was kinda frustrated with the upgrade system, as it didn't feel to me like it paid any justice to the premise of augmenting yourself to survive an alien world. For a game where your choices are meant to have impact, it felt like most of them had none at all outside combat, except for the very few story ones (namely, Interface and Wings). Maybe more unique features and even incompatibilities between some of them, to which you could choose properly what to use (like what already happens with the Alien; if you're not one, then you don't get Wings) would benefit the experience a lot. Of course, that would require quite the expansion in exploration too (which I've seen is already being done with 1.2).

With that minor complaint aside, I just have to say the story is simply awesome. Every interaction between characters was delightful to read, and it portrays very well the dangers of an alien world where humanity was not meant to tread. It involves quite a handful of philosophical questions and dilemmas on some parts, which I appreciate, as it helps the narrative grow by exploring the nature of humanity and their constant seeking for power. Now, I really need to share some thoughts about everything that transpired, and that will contain spoilers. But if what you're wondering is if the game is worth playing, the answer is yes. If you're into the classical RPG gameplay loop of beating monsters to level up and get stronger to explore harder areas AND also like reading, it is absolutely worth your while.

*If someone is reading this without having played through the game, beware of SPOILERS BELOW.*

I got ending 12 on my first playthrough. ALMOST asked Esra to terminate me so I could finish the experience in a more morbid tone, but curiosity made me ask if there wasn't a way back home, and Ash decided to help me. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of a cheesy ending, but still a good one nonetheless. I guess the only reason I say that is because I did not expect a ending like that at all, where no one significant (that was already alive to begin with) dies. There's just a point in the game where you realize how serious and dire the situation you and everyone else in the game are caught into is, and when you think it couldn't get worse, it does, providing that exact feeling of "this story is gonna make me suffer, isn't it?". The ending sequence reinforced exactly that for me; every single leader pressuring you to choose sides and make sacrifices in the name of their society, leaving you in a position of asking yourself constantly if you're really making the right choice. It felt like a game where no true good ending exists, and maybe I was right. Considering all the loss the player character has experienced, all the tragedy they have seen... To think they would choose to continue living with that afterwards just for the sake of trying to help people, is insane.

Another part of the ending sequence that caught my attention was the "it was all a simulation!" narrative. As my character emerged from the pod and received the news they just passed the test as a Corrector, I swear I felt just as lost as them. Everything we just experienced, gone down the drain. Exploring the ship and interacting with people, especially Ash, felt surreal. I had put that feeling aside for a moment, but there was just something in the time between reading the weird books and speaking with Esra again, right before bringing them up to her, that made my brain unable to ignore the thought that none of that was real and we actually fucking died. It was such a well done ending route, I'm glad I got it first try.

This game is full of bittersweet endings, lovable characters (despite not being able to check on them outside story; maybe on 1.2 or 1.3?), and great dialogues. Esra surely lightened up my day. Might as well say she's the true MVP of this whole game, and I loved her company. Good luck with your future improvements on the game! I absolutely love your work. 💜

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Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback, and I'm glad you loved the game!

Funnily enough, when I was working on the game originally, I did have it that you had 'slots' for your upgrades, and you had to choose what you had equipped at any given time (E.g. Alien/Terran/Machine eyes), and a rating of how much of that species you were at any given time (To enter a settlement, you needed to have 50% or more of that type of upgrade attached). 

In the end, I got some feedback that it was too complicated, so I ditched it and went for the current system. I was also worried people would get annoyed having to unequip and re-equip everything just to continue a quest, or feel locked in to a build they didn't like just to finish the end game. It was also going to make balancing each build *tough*.

I'm trying to incorporate some more of the upgrade stuff into 1.2, but I won't oversell it, since it's really only some scene variations. It would be cool though if the fact you can shoot spider web from your hands, or sense magnetic fields, came up more often. :)

Checking in on main characters outside of quest events is something I'm trying to work in to 1.2 or 1.3, since I've got some ideas. I'm fighting burnout a little bit on 1.2 right now between writing new memory scenes, book scenes, and chain events, so I'll see if that gets scoped for the next release. 

Thank you again for this wonderful review, it made my morning! <3



I'm not very good at reviews but I would just like to thank you for creating such a masterpiece. I originally got ending 11-1 but stumbled upon ending 11-2. Ending 11-2 generally made me cry and I still am as I am typing this lol. I was also able to get a few more endings before that, like the ending where I stayed with Ash and the one where I managed to go back thanks to her.

I also really love Esra. She's amazing.

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This has gotta be one of the best games I've ever played. The story is on point, the characters are all lovable, and the arts that's behind the texts are so gorgeous. I just have one question, however.

What the hell is Ash's gender? Throughout the game, it continually fluctuates between he/him to she/her. Are they genderfluid? I don't know if this is just an error or intentional, but it's really confusing for my dumb brain.

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Hi, I'm really glad you enjoyed Trigaea! I'd like to say that's intentional, but any inconsistency will be a pronoun issue I missed, not to do with your brain :)  I'll do a sweep for errors for the next update, but if you come across any, please submit a bug report so I know where to tidy it up.


Got all 15(16?) endings in one night; loved this game [: 
Thank you for making Trigaea and keep up the great work, can't wait to see more !


Can you tell me how to get all the endings please? Is there a guide maybe? I really wanna get all of them :') 

I've just written a guide, but it's got some spoilers, since it's nearly impossible to write one without spoiling some things. If you get really stuck, check here!

Oh this is AWESOME, it is EXACTLY what I needed. Can't thank you enough :D WIll definitely use this when I get to it, but first... free play!! I was planning on messing around and then trying to get all the endings ^^ Thanks again! 


cool game ,, loved it- but does any1 know what the max lvl is?

There's technically no max level, but since the level up cost goes up incrementally and enemy drops stay the same, you'll probably start to slow down around lvl 28. :)

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i loved this game so much. it was the best game i have played in a while and i'm glad to give it a good rating. i will definitely remember to replay the game and explore further options.

i noticed a few typos but those are to be expected with over 200k words. but it didn't take away from the story.

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Whats this games sound track? I'm interested because I have a taste for ambient music, and because I think the music on GroveWarBandQuest11 is kinda bad-ass. Also I was wondering how you simulated combat? I'm currently trying to figure it out myself and I'm getting closer. For instance, how many different passages did you use to run combat? Is it all in one using temporary variables, or in several using more customized ones?I'm not asking for copied and pasted code, just layout tips from the master.

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I'll be noting down the music in the next release, since it's a common request. :) Combat occurs mostly between two passages - a "choice" passage and a "result" one. However, it calls about thirty or more widgets to do calculations, which are essentially just other passages (Probably should have used <<include>> in hindsight). I made it modular so I could focus on one element at a time. Temporary variables are used for the current enemy, but it pulls from setup templates in StoryInit.

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Absolutely incredible game/story, the gameplay blends in super well with the story so it feels like you're actually fighting battles in the story instead of just playing a game with a really good story, and the story itself is (in my opinion) at the level of a professionally made book (not saying this wasn't professionally made, wouldn't be surprised if it was) and I would absolutely pay for the full release, even the state currently. Amazing job, one of the best stories I've read in a while. (got ending 2)


😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is one of the best games I've ever played


right? I won't be able to forget it, i'll be thinking about it for like at least next two months straight


This game is amazing. You can clearly tell how much work was put into this. I love it and I got ending 2.


Really love this game! The music's great, the gameplay and exploring is really fun, and it works great with my screen reader since I'm a blind player. Great job on this and keep up the good work! Good luck with improvements or future updates if those come about too.


This game absolutely devastated me. World-building is on point, storyline is engaging, and characters are well thought out. The game play is simple and easy to understand with progressively more ethically difficult decisions to make. The "magic" is easy to understand with a lot of potential for imagination. The ending will tear your heart to shreds no matter which ending you get. 10/10 you've got to play this.


One of the best games I've ever played, beats even the most recent and popular games in my opinion, story, weapons and characters are great, no flaws almost. Although it would be better if you added more guns and equipment. Nevertheless, this game is great, more part of this story or other stories by the author would be great, I would definitely check it out


I just finished playing this game, and I can say you successfully shredded my heart to pieces. Not hyperbole, I think I may actually be getting a headache from how sad and emotional I've been going back and getting to each and every ending. My first ending, the one I stumbled on with my very first playthrough, was the 5th one. It really is something else now that I know all the different outcomes, to see how they compare to my initial instincts/actions, how much better or worse things could have been. Genuinely, this is one of those games, or any form of media, that I won't forget. This story is just so rich and impactful that I don't doubt it will become another point of nostalgia for future-me to think back on. I'm not sure how well I've conveyed just how much I loved every moment of playing this game, but I hope it comes through. If you plan on making more games (or have others out rn, I haven't checked before writing this ^-^') then I'd be more than eager to read them and see new ways my heart came be torn in two (after taking a break to emotionally recover from this one first XD)


This feels like such an ethereal experience. It was amazing from the begining to end but dear god that ending has me in tears. This is simply brilliant! How developed the characters are (I must confess I am simply in love with Ezra, if given the chance I would def marry them lmao), the many multiple ways we can shape the world around us, how everything connects and has an answer (I got the ending 12 and before revealing the true all I could think about was that very same conversation had with Ezra about how to tell and how it was so very smart of you), every single thing is simply done so well and with so much care I fear I don't even have the words to express myself. This game truly touched my soul and that's not something so easy to do. And to think you make it available for free?? Bless you creator, it truly was a marvelous adventure and I will be recomending it to all my friends. Truly, thank you for this.


this was an amazing experience. this game smashed all of my expectations. every single character was real to me, especially Esra. I am curious, I took the quiz at the end that asks what ending you got, and realized I never got 11-4 or 12? I thought I'd gone through every single option available in the game but I guess not. Is there some sort of guide, or could anyone tell me what those endings are?

No guide yet! I've answered how to get those endings below. :) Thanks for playing Trigaea, and I really appreciate the feedback - kudos for going for all the endings!


Yep, just got the last 2 and I cried like a baby. truly, thank you so much for this game.


Great game. Really loved some of the references and the decisions were heart wrenching


that was so damn good

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I love this game I've been playing it for the passed two days and I'm still going to play it! Thank you for all of this hard work and great game I am another person who found this from the audiogames forum and the music is also very beautiful I have it in the backround as I type this.


this was so good?????? like oh my god, this was absolutely lovely


The choices in this game were truly something else, unlike anything I've ever seen on other games on; the story was compelling, and the dialogue was some of the best stuff I've ever read; the OST was fitting and the sheer scope and size, as well as it being finished, pretty much nailed it for me. Amazing game.

Thank you for E12, by the way. Not sure if I'd be able to take anything other than that after the entire ride; to think if I didn't poke around just that little bit more. I think they truly do deserve it though.


I got all of the endings except E12 and E11-4. Could you tell me what E12 is?

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Hey there, thanks for playing the game - I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

To get those last two endings, follow these steps:




Getting Endings 11.4 and 12:

  • In the final area, after speaking and doing everything other than falling asleep, speak to Esra. 
  • Tell her something feels off. Bring up the books, and keep down that line of questioning.
  • When given the option, tell Esra "I'm not done living yet."
  • Head to your room, then the dock.
  • After speaking to Ash/Aurel, choose either:
    • "Alright, I'm walking through. Thanks for this." - Ending 12
    • "I can't take the risk. I'm staying here." - Ending 11.4


jukesy1992  posted this to the forums over on, and being a massive fan of text driven rpgs, old school scifi, (loved the references, especially to Anne Mccaffery), and exploring alien worlds this was very much my sort of thing. 

Just finished the game and got my first ending, though will be seeing what others I can get, so thanks for a lot of fun, love exploring all the weird encounters, and regions, indeed my only miner problem is I wish there had been a little more, though it's possible the ending I chose ended the game slightly earlier (it was ending 11-1 btw).

Other than the unreadable buttons for stats, score etc, everything played fine with NVDA, though the version I used was one I downloaded last night, so not sure if you made any fixes there. 

All in all, thanks for a great experience. 

Also, a friend a couple of bugs to report. 

I was trying to go none lethal as much as possible, but a couple of bosses couldn't be subdued, EG the alien at the end of the grey ruins, and the predator in the ruins library. 

I also noticed that after I unlocked a new region or event the text would show at the bottom of the screen, EG "you've unlocked the yellow swamp", all the way through with no way to get rid of it. 

I'm not sure  why exactly this was, and it certainly wasn't a major issue, but thought I'd mention it. 

Either way, thanks for a great experience, and I'll be interested to see what else Trigia has to offer.

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Hi darkempathy, thanks so much for the feedback and I'm glad you liked the game! I'm a sucker for Anne McCaffrey, particularly the Crystal Singer and the Brain and Brawn series - I'm pretty sure Esra was inspired by a twelve year old me sitting and reading about Helva. I was actively thinking about Hypatia from the Ship Who Searched for one of the X'irii ends, and also for some potential future content.

The buttons were something I rushed a fix for last night, so hopefully those work with NVDA now! I'll also look into the non-subdue and popup issues ASAP.

On a side note, I have been watching that audiogames thread and taking notes, particularly with New Game+. I set it to keep levels and upgrades, but either this was a mistake, or difficulty needs to be scaled up with replay in a Borderlands-like style (the second being far more work). I'd recommend keeping a save game taken on the ending screen (ideally save to file as this doesn't rely on browser memory) so if I do release a change to New Game+, it won't involve playing through the too easy version.

When I released the game I genuinely thought one, maybe two, people would play it, so I didn't put NG+ too much in scope. Now it seems people like it, so things like chain events and replayability are on my radar!

If you come across anything else you think would make the game better, let me know. I'm aware there are a limited number of accessible games out there, so anything I can do to polish this one up is a plus.

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No access problems so far in my new playthrough, other than my character being basically unstoppable :D. 

For  the new game plus, you might consider instead of scaling the difficulty or allowing the player to keep upgrades, giving the player some sort of smaller scale prestige mechanics as rewards instead,  since I actually miss unlocking the different abilities and upgrades and levelling through the game this time around. 

You could even tie these to specific endings, EG if a player ends the game with one faction victorious, give them a smaller scale say %10 bonus to fighting or talking to people of that faction. 

While if a player (as I did), ends the game neutrally, give them a more passive bonus, like a %5 to all microchips found.

It would also be nice to see post game which endings you've unlocked and which you still have to go, since collecting them all could be fun, especially if; ---- as I sincerely hope, more enemies and zones are on thee way. 

Lastly, I'm afraid one textual error kept bothering me. 

Whenever I used water the game said: "you parch your thirst", 

This seemed very weird to me, given that to "parch", something as a verb is to dry it, indeed, I don't know if this was a typo and the original sentence was supposed to be: "you feel parched, so quench your thirst."

Sorry, this was one specific point that did sort of niggle a bit.

Lastly, as I mentioned on the thread, you might consider tweaking some of the character interactions, and maybe even prownowns to reflect the player's gender. 

When I play games, I tend to like to play as different people who aren't! me, because, well they usually aren't! and because I find it interesting to learn about their experiences as opposed to my own. 

If an interaction with an npc a little too obviously feels generically written so as to make that npc male, female (or none binary), then I tend to find less connection with that npc myself. 

For example, in my first game when playing as a straight guy, Ash felt  far more male, while Esra far more female, indeed in that game, I felt much more romantic connection with Esra than with Ash or river, indeed River I didn't really interact with enough to see much of , while in this second game, the connection with River is so instant it feels nearly pointless, indeed I felt far more attached to Shay as a female friend, and echo as a male friend; (the text seemed to sometimes refer to echo as he, sometimes as they), though I admit the chief reason echo felt male was that in my head he sounded like commander Data from startrek next generation, though on an interaction level, Echo could equally have been female  :D.

In my second game when playing as a straight lady, the opposite is holding true, with Ash feeling like a guy.

Again, it's a personal preference thing, and certainly not a deal breaker for me on any score, really enjoyed the game generally, but I do find if I can obviously see the author's hand creating a blank slate character to fit either gender, I feel I get rather taken out of the story, and far more concentrated on wondering which bits of the writing got changed.

If you did consider doing anything about this, I would personally  prefer if romantic, or at least semi romantic npcs (such as Esra), got a little tweak in writing to reflect interactions and appearence, and perhaps a name change, EG male Ash, or female Este,  (not sure how none binary fits into this).

Again, if this stays as is, fair enough, it's certainly not a big deal.

Either way, Looking forward to seeing what new things get added in the future.


It's the blind person again, here with an update:

This... is perfectly playable so far, unless there's some future mechanics I haven't unlocked that might be tricky. But I'm all the way up to minor memories and machine parts and I am enjoying this very very much. You know you hoped that people would enjoy this game? Did you expect a blind person to be on that list? Because if not, then now you've got one. Totally blind person at that. You might get more, because I'm going to be spreading the word to the blind community. We (the blind community) have never had a chance to experience a Fallout-type game. Ever, except for YouTube. In fact, I'd go so far to say this:

If Tin Star (another text-based game, very highly recommended actually but I don't think it's on Itch) is the closest a blind person can get to Red Dead, then this... this is our Fallout. Thank you. I'm not at the end yet but I want to thank you now. I hope this comment goes through, I look forward to your next reply if you do reply, but if not, then know this: I'm loving it. I'll be spreadding the word unless something comes up that suddenly makes the game unplayable. I did encounter one error when I tried to subdue one of the first bosses. I think it was the one with wings, said something about hunter boss. Interestingly when I killed it, my character asked it to get out of here as it didn't want to take it's life, so I was actually quite happy with that. This then unlocked the second area.

By the way, is there any way to find out what parts we have already, perhaps in the stats screen or something? It's showing my attack and stuff, but I'd love to share with people my current upgrades.

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Hi, I'm really, really happy that you're enjoying the game, and that it is accessible! I downloaded NVDA as you suggested, and I've been going over Trigaea trying to see what the experience is like.

I can see why the screen reader didn't pick up those first three buttons and one of the top stat buttons (The one next to microchips is current water) so I've been learning about ARIA tags to make sure these show up for a screen reader. I'm looking to release these fixes in a 1.1.1 patch. I'm new to both NVDA and ARIA, so I'll take any guidance I can get.

If you do come across anything that makes your playing experience anything less than perfect, whether it's related to accessibility or not, just let me know. I'll check out what was going on with the hunter boss.

The parts you have already are shown in the buttons as text, but I think a page in the stats screen might be helpful because running NVDA across the buttons with the arrow keys didn't read it out for me. Then again, I might have it set up wrong.

I'm not sure if you use Discord, but my username is RynGM#9766 and that might be easier than leaving messages here. Alternatively, email me on I'm also looking at switching this comment area to "Discussion Board" because I think there's a good need for that for bug reports and feedback, just waiting on the support team to get back to me since I'd like to copy over existing comments.

EDIT: Just pushed the 1.1.2 patch live with the screen reader fixes (took me two bites at that apple). It should read out the menu buttons now, as well as register the health, heal, charge and DR icons.

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edit: I'll still be messaging here as well. Original reply: I don't know how to figure out my Discord tag but if you see a Jukesy, that's me. I'll be emailing you as well, probably email first. before Discord. In regards to staying in touch on Discord, I'm based in the UK, so at the time of writing this message, it's 19:25 pm. I can do both text and voice chat.

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I found 3 endings but I don't have the energy to try and find more T-T

Either way, it was so amazing! So fun, and so many twists!

Edit: Found a handful of more endings, would you ever consider making a guide?

I'm glad to hear it! I personally love twists, so if this hit the mark then that's awesome.

I'll look into making a guide, since it wouldn't be too hard to put together. The biggest problem is figuring out if I make it a spoiler-free one. :3


i am totally up for making a guide, as i'm already extremely interested in finding/exploring all of the endings just out of personal curiosity! I could probably do it with several "layers" of spoiler warnings, so people could find the endings they're looking for with the desired level of detail. Or something--now that I type it all out, that sounds complicated and I tend to overestimate my hyperfixations lmao. 


Sure, if that's something you want to do! I keep meaning to do this, but I keep getting sidetracked with working on the new content.


I've already found an accessibility bug. For clarification, I'm a blind person. I use a screen reader. The game starts (on Itch I've literally just clicked "run game"), but I'm presented with three unlabeled buttons, and a button labeled next. For clarification, that button reads correctly with the screen reader, literally saying "1. Next". Please label your buttons for screen reader users, otherwise it will be guess work finding out what these three unlabeled buttons do.

If you wish to test this with a screen reader, there is one called NVDA for windows. You use the arrow keys to move up and down a page, and tab to move between buttons. Also, if you'd like an accessibilityy beta tester who has experience with NVDA, please give me a shout and I'd be happy to test any future versions of this game.

Thank you very much for letting me know about this! I haven't tested Trigaea out with screen readers, so I will look into this. I apologize if this has hampered your ability to play this game.


What's interesting is the buttons still work. One leads to a menu with stats, one leads to saves, one leads to what seems to be an about section. Top button was menu, middle button was saves, bottom button was about. Text is underneath that, and next button underneath the text. It seems promising even with the unlabeled buttons. I'll keep you posted.

Note to future readers: This bug was fixed in V1.1.2


You did a really awesome job with the turnaround on those accessibility fixes. I know I'm still gushing a bit but, honestly, this game, probably one of my favourite text games ever now.


A truly impressive game and enjoyable experience.

The game shines by its size, its ambient set pieces but also by its narrative scope, the story feels meaningful and compelling.

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